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Courses: The "Basic" course of professional make-up, FIRST LEVEL

This course includes basic knowledge and concepts in the field of professional make-up, recommended for beginners in make-up. The course involves a wide variety of salon make-up, work with different types of face, eyes, lips. Basic concepts of color and color perception.


12 lessons, 3 hours each, 7 days for full course 

Day 1 

  • Colors systematics. The color circle (concept and origin of color circle)
  • Colors associations and color impact on human. Different color circles, gradients, blending colors and tincture drills. Related colors (similar drills as above)
  • Different color harmonies in make-up.
  • Color face correction, problem's concept and its solution.
  • Diagnostic of personality according to color type, selection proper tinctures. Using color theory "seasons" for making harmony make-up look. 
  • Brushes' hygiene and treatment. Brushes' cleansing. Disinfectants for hands and arms. 
  • Brushes' storage and drying. The structure of make-up brush. Types of brushes and their usage. 

Day 2

  • Facial correction materials.
  • Facial modeling types.
  • 6 main face types. Creamy correction.
  • Strombing - as a new make-up direction (light points) massage lines and their use in make-up.
  • The main three eyes types: European, Asian, Oriental.
  • Eyes elements and parts designation.
  • Formula for creating classic make-up forms.
  • Different typed eyes make-up drills.
  • Lips correction and form making.
  • Due to lips type and form tinctures and textures selection.
  • Creating drafts from beginning to applying.

Day 3

  • Eyebrow shape modeling and correction (difference between them).
  • Triangle and golden section rules.
  • "Hollywood eyebrow" creating.
  • Modern tends in eyebrow shaping.
  • Materials and equipment.
  • Work with individual face characteristics.
  • Removing, cutting, thinning, coloring and eyebrow make-up.
  • Tincture selection due to seasonal color analysis.
  • Sequence of eyebrow modeling. Methods of anasthesia.
  • Drills for different shapes of eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow shape due to face shape.
  • Show: eyebrow modeling. Practicing eyebrow modeling on models. 
  • Shadow technique. Casual make-up. Nude make-up with creamy textures for face correction. Round brush in make-up.

Day 4

  • Shadow technique with creamy textures for eye make-up. Line in nude make-up. Strombing technique. Shadow technique use (nude) in life, on stage and in advertisements. 
  • Pencil techniques. Business make-up. Classic shape creating. Correct selection of tinctures and textures for this make-up. Applying technique.  

Day 5

  • Wedding make-up (pencil technique). Colors selection for bride. Mixing techniques in wedding make-up. 
  • Evening make-up. Creamy textures use. Light-color-depth. Technique of applying difficult textures with mica and pearl content. Eyelashes.

Day 6

  • Classical black eyeline. Shadow technique drill. Applying eyeliner and creating line rules. 
  • Gradient gel eyeline. Shadow technique drill. Right selection of gradient tinctures.

Day 7

  • Salon make-up smoky eyes. Applying and creating technique. Difference between salon smoky eyes and podium smoky eyes. Textures and colors selection. 
  • Color smoky eyes. Mixed technique. Different textures mixing. Aqua make-up. Color accents.

The works of our students: