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Courses: The "Basic" course of professional make-up, SECOND LEVEL

This course is made for salon make-up artists who want to improve their level of work, learn new techniques and textures. The course includes working with make-up for photo shoots, shows and special events. The concept and rules for a facechart, testing of different types of make-up in the picture.

12 lessons, 3 hours each, 7 days for full course 


Day 1

  • Light points and their location on face. When it is needful to use them and when is not.
  • Strombing- new make-up direction. Face correction materials.
  • Kinds of face modeling.
  • 6 main face types. Creamy correction.
  • Ideal face formula.
  • Draft creating (from building to blending).
  • Portfolio.
  • How to make portfolio in a right way.
  • Different types of survey.
  • Make-up eras and their representatives.
  • Make-up changes over years. Types and features. 
  • Creating different make-up shapes.
  • Building and practicing them on paper.
  • Painting in make-up, its usage.
  • Different complexity painting drill.
  • Temping. Its concept. Texture and right application. The use of different types of temping in make-up. 

Day 2

  • Practicing different shapes of eyes, eyebrows, lips on facecharts.
  • Rules of drawing and blending cosmetic on special paper. Light and shadow in make-up.

Day 3

  • Pencil technique. Classic shape creating. Color accents use. Different textures and techniques for evening make-up.
  • Temping. Aqua technique. Right color selection for blending. When aqua colors can be used. Applying rules and nuances.

Day 4

  • Creamy technique. Podium smoky eyes or waterproof make-up for photo session. Advantages of creamy technique.
  • Mixed technique. Podium make-up or make-up for photo session (with gel textures blending). Drawing in make-up.

Day 5

  • Pencil technique with creamy textures use. Alternative make-up. Rules of creating substandard shape.
  • Pencil technique. Rules of creating shape. Using make-up for events and photo sessions. 

Day 6

  • Pencil technique. Creating substandard shape rules. Pencil technique. Creating shape rules. Using make-up for events and photo sessions. 
  • Pencil technique. Rules of creating substandard shape. Pencil technique. Rules of creating shape. Using make-up for events and photo sessions. 

Day 7 

  • Exam. Classical wedding make-up creation. 
  • Graduation work. Creative make-up (using all learnt) creating. 
  • Mixed technique drill.

The works of our students: