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By choosing this course for yourself, you are taking a step towards your successful future in the fascinating world of beauty industry.

For us, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere; attentive approach to each and every student, coming to us for training you will get a unique access to the exclusive knowledge of development and techniques of makeup.

This course offers the advantage of mastering the valuable knowledge in the profession of "Make-up Artist".


Increase course “Celebrities smoky eyes” reflects our philosophy on the subject of luxury and beauty.

We present fresh trends with an emphasis on the glamour and sensuality of evening makeup. Stylish Smoky eye - what is it in the upcoming season - rebellious, bold, grunge or elegant with an emphasis on romanticism or sexuality.

This course will reveal the genuine potential of your abilities and strategic aspects of the past, present and future.


The secret of the ideal formula for creating a stunning image for the wedding ceremony is exquisitely bohemian style.

Every bride wants to look perfect in the most exciting day of her life.

The result of the training will be a mix of knowledge, techniques and skills that will allow you to create a naturally radiant and unique image of the bride.

Your new skills will give bright and unforgettable emotions and will be the best gift on the most important day.


This course includes the basics of aero make-up, greasepaint, not traditional technique, is recommended for professionals. Develops creative thinking, imagination, work on the creation of artistic images for the advertising photo, image works, the creation of face-art. It helps develop one's own style.


You will be offered an intensive course of color and gradients in make-up, the result of training will exceed all of your expectations.

Beautiful and creative direction “color make-up design” is an absolute trend, taking into account the latest fashion trends. Having completed the course, you will be able to challenge all conventions and stereotypes, to go away from rules and routine. Use your imagination to the fullest, creating true wonders and style icons.

A unique course which we will offer you with unusual solutions and approaches:

  • Ability to properly place accents;
  • Highlight details;
  • Combine and create unique colors and textures.

You are sure to see various and unexpected decisions in color combinations, all details of color contrasts and harmonies, subtleties of color design, resonances and compositions of color ensembles.

The value of color theory lies in the fact that having mastered it, you will learn the skill of fluency in color painting.

By playing with colors, you can create incredible images of stunning imagination.

Stylish, classic, bright arrows are a fascinating “accessory” that every girl would like to try on.

Arrows drawn in pencil, liquid eyeliner or gel can not only diversify the image, but also add colors to everyday life.

We will reveal the secrets of creating graphic, smoky, matte, shimmering, aromatic and colored arrows, small and popular make-up, having done our course you will be able to create any image which appeals to you and easy to create.


Every new day is a reason for changes for the better.

After completing the course “face chart” you will improve your artistic skills.

Open up your inner world of creativity; allow your talents, fantasies, sense of color and understanding of artistic images to be fully revealed.

You will plunge into the world of colors and textures, where there are no borders, restrictions or rules.

After you have completed the course, you will become an artist, a creator, a producer of your own innovative ideas.


Eyebrows - the basis of our face, nothing is more powerful force and expressiveness. This is a crucial element in our view, of paramount importance to our appearance. Choosing the right and adjust the shape of eyebrows can hide flaws such as a small nose or eyelid can be adjusted to choose and make the shape of the eyebrows.


This course is designed for women and girls who want to look fabulous every day. You will learn how to perform various kinds of professional make-up from day to evening. We will find looks that are suitable for you and highlight your personality.