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Eyebrow design is a popular trend in the beauty industry. In many ways, it is the eyebrows that dictate the trend; they can be called the essential element of makeup.

3 days

5 lessons

1 theory lecture, 4 practice sessions with models

1 lesson - 8 academic hours

The price: 200 euro


What we offer:

- Study current trends in the design of eyebrows

- Step-by-step algorithm for theory and practical application of modeling eyebrows, diagrams, formulas and sketches for creating ideal symmetrical eyebrows

- Learn the technique of working with the eyebrow ruler for the perfect shape of the eyebrows; the ruler is given to each course participant for free.

- To master the skills of coloristics, taking into account individual characteristics of the client and their wishes

- Psychology of work with clients, ways of how eyebrows influence image and perception of others

- Trial of all the working tools and dyes

- Study of sanitary standards for safe work with the client