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Increase course “Celebrities smoky eyes” reflects our philosophy on the subject of luxury and beauty.

3 days

3 classes

3 practical lessons with models

1 lesson - 8 academic hours

The price: 250 euro


We present fresh trends with an emphasis on the glamour and sensuality of evening makeup.

Stylish Smoky eye - what is it in the upcoming season - rebellious, bold, grunge or elegant with an emphasis on romanticism or sexuality.

This course will reveal the genuine potential of your abilities and strategic aspects of the past, present and future.


What we offer:

- A comfortable and modern study place, a professional make-up artist chair, modern lighting, music, well-equipped tabletop for your better perception of information.

- Practice your knowledge gained on the models.

- Basic knowledge of skin care, face architecture, coloring of Smokey eyes and a combination of shades.

- You will master the technical skills with the latest trends and textures.

- Construction of various schemes and options for performing this makeup.

- Pay special attention to various forms of eyes and their setting:

  • European;
  • Eastern;
  • slit;
  • big;
  • small;
  • round;
  • close set eyes
  • eyes wide apart;
  • bulging eyes;
  • deep-set

- Test professional and luxury cosmetics from top global manufacturers.

- Test the professional makeup brushes Purple Brush Allure on the development of makeup.

- Special prices for brushes and accessories for students of the Academy.

- Establish connections, acquaintances and friendship among colleagues with common interests in the beauty industry.