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3 days

3 classes

3 practice sessions with models

1 lesson - 8 academic hours

The Price: 250 euro


Stylish, classic, bright arrows are a fascinating “accessory” that every girl would like to try on.

Arrows drawn in pencil, liquid eyeliner or gel can not only diversify the image, but also add colors to everyday life.

We will reveal the secrets of creating graphic, smoky, matte, shimmering, aromatic and colored arrows, small and popular make-up, having done our course you will be able to create any image which appeals to you and easy to create.


What we offer:

- A comfortable and modern study place, a professional make-up artist chair, modern lighting, music, well-equipped tabletop for your better perception of information.

- Practice the knowledge gained on the models.

- Basic knowledge of skin care and face architecture.

- Master the technical skills of selecting the optimal shape of the arrow, taking into account the features of the eye incision.

- Study the construction of various schemes, length and width of the liner.

- Test various texture options to complete the arrow.

- Test the professional makeup brushes Purple Brush Allure on the development of makeup.

- Special prices for brushes and accessories for students of the Academy.

- You will find new connections, acquaintances and friendship among colleagues with common interests in the beauty industry.