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2 days

2 classes

1 lesson - 8 academic hours

The Price: 150 euro (Professional Purple Brush Allure face chart included in the price)


Every new day is a reason for changes for the better.

After completing the course “face chart” you will improve your artistic skills.

Open up your inner world of creativity; allow your talents, fantasies, sense of color and understanding of artistic images to be fully revealed.

You will plunge into the world of colors and textures, where there are no borders, restrictions or rules.

After you have completed the course, you will become an artist, a creator, a producer of your own innovative ideas.


What we offer:

- A comfortable and modern study place, a professional make-up artist chair, modern lighting, music, well-equipped tabletop for your better perception of information.

-Practice the knowledge gained on the Face Chart Purple Brush Allure album, which we provide to each participant of the course.

- Analysis of cosmetics for use on special paper.

- Learn the specifics of working on the Purple Brush Allure face card.

- Understand the scheme of face correction, the illusion of three-dimensional pattern and the correct location of light and shadow.

- Master this art with brushes, combinations of colors and textures.

- Test professional and luxury cosmetics from top global manufacturers.