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2 days

The Price: 150 euro

You are sure to see various and unexpected decisions in color combinations, all details of color contrasts and harmonies, subtleties of color design, resonances and compositions of color ensembles.

The value of color theory lies in the fact that having mastered it, you will learn the skill of fluency in color painting.

By playing with colors, you can create incredible images of stunning imagination.


What we offer:

- A comfortable and modern study place, a professional make-up artist chair, modern lighting, music, well-equipped tabletop for your better perception of information.

- Study the theory of color, the twelve frequency color circle, gradients, color streamers and their shades as well as elated colors.

- Master the different color harmonies in the make-up, color associations:

- In-depth study of the aspects of color:

  • Contrast
  • Intensity
  • Contrast of complementary colors
  • Color hue
  • Lightness and temperature

- Get acquainted with the theory of "Resonance of Color" and see in practice the cards "Pantone".

- Create a table of individual colors "Resonance" taking into account the color features of the exterior. Find out how "Resonance" of your client influences the selection of color palette in the make-up.

- Spatial color motion

- You will find new connections, acquaintances and friendship among colleagues with common interests in the beauty industry.