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The secret of the ideal formula for creating a stunning image for the wedding ceremony is exquisitely bohemian style.

3 days

3 classes

3 practice sessions with models

1 lesson - 8 academic hours

The price: 250 euro


Every bride wants to look perfect in the most exciting day of her life.

The result of the training will be a mix of knowledge, techniques and skills that will allow you to create a naturally radiant and unique image of the bride.

Your new skills will give bright and unforgettable emotions and will be the best gift on the most important day.


What we offer:

- Comfortable and modern study place. Professional make-up artist chair, modern lighting, music, well-equipped tabletop for your better perception of information.

- Practice the knowledge gained on real models.

- Basic knowledge of skin care, face architecture, palette of color combinations.

- Master the technical skills with the latest trends and textures.

- Master the making of various schemes and options for applying this makeup.

- You will be able to start a dialogue with the client in order to identify their needs and desires for the style of wedding makeup.

- Test professional and luxury cosmetics from top global manufacturers.

- Test professional makeup brushes Purple Brush Allure on the development of makeup.

- Special prices for brushes and accessories for students of the Academy.

- Explore the popular direction in makeup.

- You will find new connections, acquaintances and friendship among colleagues with common interests in the beauty industry.